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Reader Adam Cuerden asks:

How did the Green Knight get home? I mean, he's a head in a jar, and he's ging to have a hard time opening that jar even if they do take him home properly. Presuming that he hasn't been kidnapped by Rásdondr, of course.

Also, in a non-nitpick thread, Michiel Prior asks:

Will the other half-elf (the one who's 300 years old) turn up in this storyline, eventually? (I hope so!)

The answer to those questions comes in three parts. To keep things nice and speedy, there'll be an extra update tomorrow.


The idea that Messing With Causality Results In Tentacles can probably be traced back to Lovecraft's Chthulhu Mythos (which I haven't read), but was popularized and made into a humorous fantasy trope by Terry Pratchett. By now it's probably part of modern folklore in the same way that hobbits and D&D dwarves are, so I felt only a slight twinge of guilt at referring to it here.

Any story – even a short one such as this – involving cute naked sorceresses, putrescent corpses and Messing with Causality should really be drawn in the style of Flick, but there's no way I'd be able to teach myself to do that, or even come close, in less than a month. It's too far removed, stylistically, from what I do. So I'm doing this one in my own style, but in a simplified, smaller format.

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