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Reader Adam Cuerden asks:

We now know about half-faerie humans. What about all the other possible crosses? Half-lupin faeries, half gnomic humans, etc, etc.? Anything interesting and noteworthy there?


Whilst we're at it, what about Douards? What *did* they do to Lutins? Enslave 'em?

The answer to those questions comes in at least ten parts. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will update 5 times a week until its over, unless I damage some part of my body again.

Rásdondr lectures, and Grendel interrupts

What about other hybrids? And what about the Douards? The URL of this comic is


Wow. I wish my University had that free a dress-code.
Well it is a natural result of nudity being considered unremarkable - or at least no more remarkable than wearing a headscarf in a country with many immigrants from Muslim countries. There's some possibility that a University would ban it on the grounds of it being too much of a policitical/ethnic expression, but this particular institution hasn't decided that way (yet).

So, make nudity unremarkable in your society and your wish will almost automatically be granted.
Posted by Reinder

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