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Quick reminder why I'm doing penciled filler comics instead of properly inked and coloured episodes that fit the existing storylines. Please note that these episodes are not canon for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and I dare say they aren't canon for any other fictional series either!

This filler is longer than those of last week because I love you all so much. I have also used a slightly different procedure for cleaning the original up, which should preserve more of the original lines and tones.

Whoo-hooo-hoo The URL of this comic is


I know who thou art! and the good doctor with the hat and the scarf and the coat was waaaaaaay cooler.
Posted by Nalthar
Oh GODS! The Doctor has taken on the visage of George W. Bush! The Master must be behind this abominable transformation...or maybe the Daleks...
Posted by Silverwolf

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