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Hi Reinder, I haven;t read your comic in a while. I have a lot of catching up to do. Your coloring is looking very Peyo-esque. I llke that.
Posted by michael patrick
Haha! You're the second person to say that.
Actually, I am already beginning to think this new colour style is a little too simple. I've got a few places where I want to add some simple multiply gradients to suggest shadows and density. But the basic style works for me.
Posted by Reinder
very good drawings but it reminds me of asterix and obelix too much.
Posted by Tal
That could well be the biggest compliment I've had in years! More than anything else, I wanted that Asterix-esque feel for this story. I miss that in webcomics - in fact, I miss that in the latest few Asterix books, especially the last one which has become outrageously bad.

I've done a range of other things over the years, but for this story I wanted to plunge back into that ole Eurocomics tradition. From the comments to this episode it looks like I've been succesful.
Posted by Reinder
Wow...yeah. Get the belt of invincibility away from the uber strong short guy. There's a tactical problem here...
Posted by Silverwolf

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