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Ooooh! A magic belt with a conscience! Take that, buddy!
Posted by Atomic
I'm seeing a continuity break here. The punchline at the end of TGKB was that the belt was too big to fit any of the Rogues, even Atra and Tamlin, and things like making extra holes in it, etc. wouldn't work magically. But now Barnardus is wearing it and it seems to fit him and the magic works just fine. Does the belt change shape or something?
Posted by Wil Howitt
You ask this now?
Posted by Reinder
Yeah, it's like Tolkien's One Ring - it chooses - and sometimes rejects - its owner.
Posted by Lee
AND at the end of TGKB, the newspaper said:
"Members of a bandit gang deposed King Groy of Clwyd-Rhan today. One of the gang members, a man called Bert, now occupies the throne."

So, what happened to Bert? Will we get to know that or should we just ignore it?
Posted by Michiel P
You know, what your friends call you and what it says on your birth certificate isn't always the same.
As for the newspaper article, it's technically true, but sitting on a throne doesn't make you a king.
Posted by Reinder
Shrewd answer, Reinder.
Posted by MIchiel P