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Ha! Like the comment on water giving you the plague! Wasn't this actually true? Small beer was drunk because it was safe?
Posted by pinlighter
What's that little 50 at the bottom? 50th original strip?
Posted by Lee
Pinlighter: Yes, that's the background to it, although I'm sure it didn't apply throughout the whole period or in all of medieval Europe.

Lee: 50th original page, together with the previous update.
Posted by Reinder
Ah. I thought it was to comemorate your 50ieth birthday.
Posted by
God forbid. That page is from 1993, so that would make me 63 now. Old enough to be my dad...
Posted by Reinder
Belatedly... I suppose it would just be pointless nitpicking to mention that it's actually black rat fleas that give you plague, or that water would be more likely to give you cholera.
Posted by Lee
Ahh! A reference, I presume.
Posted by JohnnieCanuck
Uhm, no. Not even remotely.
Posted by Reinder