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You swiped that gag from Gilles de Geus, didn't ya? But the acting is very good! Now, that court artist reminds of someone. I can't remember his name, but his face sure rings a bell. Anyone?
Posted by Michiel P
I don't remember if, and if so, who from, I swiped it. I think it was more a case of a certain type of gag that I wanted to use. But I'll see if I can dig up a reference.
Posted by Reinder
It reminds me strongly of a scene in "De Batavia", where Gilles asks Admiraal Lumeij if he wants to be "in" the Emir's Book of Records, then slams the book shut with the Admiral's head between it. It seemed so obvious to me, given your devotion to Gilles and your later use of the "Tandeloze Piet" gag in "Dolphins and Dragons". And King Groy is here about as silly as the Admiral.
Posted by Michiel P
Well that book has been very influential on me, though not as much as De Revue from a few years earlier.
Or maybe by now it has been at the same level of influentialocity... I was very mindful of my appreciation for the villain of De Batavia, De Bekketrekker, when I redesigned Barnardus Pothelmus for Headsmen and wrote his dialogue.
Posted by Reinder

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