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Python meets Zeppelin.

On the whole I think I prefer the Jasper Carrott version of Hangman:
Hangman, slacken your noose
Hangman, slacken your noose
Hangman, slacken your noose
For I can - gghhhkkkk!
Posted by Lee
The roots of the song "Hangman" do go back a bit further than Led Zeppelin, though I'm not sure that they go back as far as the year 993. 17th or 18th century would be more likely. But it's got such a good resonance, and it refers to gold...

The Jasper Carrot version sounds funny, yeah.
Posted by Reinder
What's the deal with the peacock?
Posted by Branko Collin
Peacock dressed in its own feathers was a medieval stunt dish for banquets, albeit one of a slightly later period than the one ROCR is nominally set in. Or so I was told at the time by a classmate who was into that sort of thing.
Posted by Reinder
Funnily enough, a german band did (converted ?) that song, too...I think it was "In Extremo - Werd ich am Galgen hochgezogen" of my favourites ;) I thought it was the original....maybe I am wrong. But there are similarities....
Correction: The song was "Der Galgen"...but the band is correct :)
Interesting. In Extremo have been on my radar for a while because a friend of mine likes them. I'll ask him about it.
Posted by Reinder

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