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Drawing the same booth for more than five days - beating yourself silly with a mackerel.
Posted by Doc
That presupposes that I spent five days working on this art. I wouldn't remember - it was 1994 after all, and the necessary brain cells have long been drowned in Belgian beer - but from the look at it, I'd be very surprised.

On the other hand, there was a lot of cross-hatching in these pages, and that always takes forever, so maybe it did take that long.
Posted by Reinder
This is about cross-breeding, isn't it? The standard European cross would indeed take about five days to hatch. The Egyptian ankh stays in the egg for almost two weeks, though. Naturally, the amount of time it takes depends largely on the dimensions of the room. Try and compare the Great Pyramid to a confession booth and you'll get my drift.
Posted by Michiel P
True. However, the European cross would have to get married before breeding, whereas the ankhs treated marriage as optional and also practiced various forms of polygamy and concubinage through the ages. So by means of a staggered breeding system, ankhs had a greater overall reproductive rate per time period.
Posted by Reinder
It's also importnat to keep in mind that ankhs, by their very definition, are immortal, which allows for a lot of reproduction.
Posted by Mithandir
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Posted by TracyLiz