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ROCR art by Reinder. The Pantheon art by Timmerryn.

Binding a cousin's wounds. The URL of this comic is


A three-headed dragon. Must be family then.
Posted by Doc
The crossover is idd very nice Reinder en Timmerryn :)
Posted by Jel
Ha, cousins. Let me tell you about cousins. Let me let Kipling tell you about cousins. A crocodile (the Mugger) is telling a jackal and a crane, both of whom keep a respectful distance, about his travels:

«"What food on the way?" said the Jackal, who kept his soul in
his little stomach, and was not a bit impressed by the Mugger's
land travels.»

«"That which I could find--cousin," said the Mugger slowly,
dragging each word.»

«Now you do not call a man a cousin in India unless you think you
can establish some kind of blood-relationship, and as it is only
in old fairy-tales that the Mugger ever marries a jackal, the
Jackal knew for what reason he had been suddenly lifted into
the Mugger's family circle.»
Posted by Branko Collin
That's from "The Undertakers" in The Second Jungle Book, a story that would probably go over the heads of most kids today, but which is full of dry wit for discerning readers. I think the next bit's even funnier:

“The Protector of the Poor has claimed kinship. How can I remember the precise degree? Moreover, we eat the same food. He has said it,” was the Jackal’s reply.

That made matters rather worse, for what the Jackal hinted at was that the Mugger must have eaten his food on that land-march fresh and fresh every day, instead of keeping it by him till it was in a fit and proper condition, as every self-respecting mugger and most wild beasts do when they can. Indeed, one of the worst terms of contempt along the River-bed is “eater of fresh meat.” It is nearly as bad as calling a man a cannibal.
Posted by Lee

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