Chapters First strip Cast About Fan art Downloads Blog Contact Duchess Gurn makes her move and establishes contact with the strange alien entity.

ROCR art by Reinder. The Pantheon art by Timmerryn.

Gurn establishes contact. The URL of this comic is


Are you all enjoying those extra-large updates?
Posted by Reinder
Yes, thank you very much (grovels at Reinder's feet)
Posted by Lee
Dirty secret: This republication is actually going more slowly than the original serialisation at The Pantheon. Then, we ran the same amount of double updates, but we updated 7 times a week. It was insane! Our original idea was to keep the story down to 31 updates, so we could offer it to Keenspot to run as one of the one-monthers they were offering at the time. That didn't work, even with the double-sized updates.

This rerun will last until mid-august. By then I should have some new material ready for you.
Posted by Reinder