Chapters First strip Cast About Fan art Downloads Blog Contact Presented with a more appetising proposal for their dinner, the goblins see reason and march off.

*) Turfsingel: one of the Singels, streets following the direction of the canal around Groningen's city center. Just around the corner from where the two humans were trapped, but in the other direction.
**) Z-siders: Soccer hooligans "supporting" FC Groningen. They do in fact congregate in some of the soccer-themed pubs on the Turfsingel, and they do piss in the canal, to the chagrin of the people living in the houseboats. Or maybe it's just regular folks doing that. Come to think of it, I wouldn't know.

Hey, they do listen to reason! The URL of this comic is


I apologise, again, for the non-showing of the main comic this morning. One day I'll learn to close quotation marks and other boundary indicators in my tags. Until then, I will occasionally be forced to bang my head, hard, against the wall.
Posted by Reinder
...but, at least, you got the bonus feature to look at, right?
Posted by Reinder
If by that, you mean the tooncast, then yes. :)
Posted by Gez

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