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It's fishy.
Posted by Doc
I like the way Kel's using her crystal ball like a mobile phone. Sorta like Clarke's Law in reverse.
Posted by Lee
Don't you think the fish merchant has the Innsmouth look?
Posted by Gez
One question about the bonus feature 'Alcydia': was this story drawn by Geir simultaneously with your own Gudrun-story, or is this a reaction? Funny to see the similarities and differences ;-). And back to Feral, this story has a good start. Nice effect with the 'don't deny it'-scene turning out to be something else.
Posted by Tuurontour
"Alcydia" was written by Geir while I was writing "Gudrun", in the late 1990s. Daniel took his time drawing it, though, finishing it earlier this year.

Gez: I had to look up "Innsmouth look". It's .... an interesting idea.
Posted by Reinder
Clarke's Law in reverse is known as Niven's Corollary: "Any sufficently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology".
Posted by Dan D