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Not bouillabaisse, then The URL of this comic is


I knew it. I knew you'ld go there the minute I saw Kel with those fish!
Posted by DFG
Ah, but I made you wait almost two weeks, didn't I?
Posted by Reinder
She's just an honest sole looking for her plaice in the world.
Posted by Lee
Please, no fishy puns. I'm still recovering from David Morgan-Mar's double-whammy of [i]where cod you eel a sole/a plaice to conger haddocks[/i] in Irregular Webcomic.

Love the fish fight. Maybe because I grew up reading Astérix, among others. :)
Posted by Gez
Gez, HTML works (except hyperlinks), BBcode doesn't. Use pointy brackets. And thanks. I'm opposed to fish puns as well, but I didn't want to carp about it.
Posted by Reinder
Reminds me of Pratchett's Lancre Coven books where he refers to a gathering of witches as an "argument".
Posted by Anonymoose
Haha, an Astrix referance?! Classic! :D
Posted by Recca
you just gotta love panel 4. :D
Posted by Finn MacCool