The Night Club And The Fortress

White House in Orbit Clearly, Von Truppen-Blitzen has been Smitten.

Backstage at the Engel... The URL of this comic is


Nitpick: Space suits, no matter how futuristic, must have a layer for covering the wearer's skin to isolate it's temperature.
This is for them, not to be fried in the +150 C°while in sun and not to be frozen in the -270 C°while in shadow. The temperature differences in outer space are enormous.
Posted by Zixinus
Not in the 1930s they weren't. I know, I've seen pictures...
I will have to agree with Slander.

It is however completely unnecessary for Jane to lift her leg like that while taking off a stocking, even in zero G.
Posted by Branko Collin

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