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Guest Comic by Geir Strøm and Jim Byrt!

Here's is a guest comic by our regular writer Geir Strøm and artist Jim Byrt. Geir and Jim have also done guest comics together for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan: Comic for March 22, 2001, Comic for October 26, 2001. This comic was originally published on the old WHIO Site on December 27, 2002.

Guest comic by Geir StrÝm and Jim Byrt.

Guest comic by Geir StrÝm and Jim Byrt. The URL of this comic is http://www.rocr.net/?p=20070215


Mr. Jim Byrt certainly knows his stuff. Nevertheless there's something that has been bothering since the first time I saw this: either Ms. Andress is wearing a skin-tight skin-coloured body-suit (yuk!), or she has a monoboob (eew!).
Posted by Branko Collin
i think it must be one of the more-than-skin-tight skin-coloured body suits with the built in corset to prevent unfashionable digestion or breathing. comes with a circulating preservative, necessary under these circumstances to maintain a lively and attractive non-grey colour.
Posted by spinclad
Martini pills? Why would you use Martini pills? Sure, put them in a sealed package with only a straw to drink it, but that is unnecessary under Earth conditions (not to mention why put Martini in such a package, as there is a very good reason why astronauts don't drink on duty).

And catching animals for dinner? What ever happened to restaurants?
Posted by Zixinus
When X8.5 says things were better in his ancestors' days, he's not just flapping his lips, you know.
Posted by Reinder

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