Chapters First strip Cast About Fan art Downloads Blog Contact Krakatoa takes a closer look at the monster, and at Jake's soul.

Colours by Mravac Kid. Backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield.

Do follow the action over in Sharing a Universe. Also, Norla shows up in Mindmistress today (though how she got back into the forest is anyone's guess) and Abúi is spotted through the looking glass in today's CameoComic. Both artists working on Cameocomic have submitted preliminary art to this storyline's fan art section.

Finally, I never mentioned what became of our gin and tonic loving friend, Rogye Nightmare. His adventures continued in Life and Death.

How to break a monster, part three. The URL of this comic is


Jake's a silver kettle, you know, Miss Kra Pot?
Posted by Gez
Or should that be Krak-pot???
Posted by Lee

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