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Oddly, something like this happened to me a few weeks ago.

Update: December 9, 2018: This comic was updated with major changes in the art. The conversation in comments was the reason, but now no longer applies.

'Round the back, I say! The URL of this comic is


A fishmonger? And the strip was posted on Friday. How appropriate.
Posted by Lee
Reinder, are we still invited to lynch you? Because the first panel looks ugly and childish. I don't know for sure why exactly. Maybe it's the vintage highschool-drawing-lessons-perspective, maybe the utterly boring wall. It doesn't feel like a real abbey, too. Plus I wouldn't expect the vegetable patch of an abbey to be in front of it, instead of inside (or at best behind it).
Posted by Michiel P
Sorry, lack of background drawing skill is no lynching matter. I'd invite you to pay me to hire a background artist instead.Calvin works for free but the downside is that his availability is very limited.
Posted by Reinder
I'm still not fond of that first panel, but I wish I'd been nicer about it. What an attitude, younger self! My sincerest apologies, Reinder.
Posted by Michiel P