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Art by Aggie.

It's always the little old ladies... The URL of this comic is


All gorgeousness of Aggie's art aside, I think that this particular comic would have worked better with Reinder's art. I think Reinder's humour works better with his own drawings.
Posted by Michiel P
That's actually a comment we've gotten several times... but there is a reason for all things. Rein and I both hit burnout a while back, which is why we switched comics for a while. The sad thing to say is... we both have "careers" now and we can't devote ourselves to our art like we used to. There's no money in it.. it won't support us. Feral would be going back to hiatus right now if I didn't continue it, as Rein is working to finish up his "Invasion" storyline.

I love Feral too much to let it go back into nothingness. I still want to find out if the girl is really a werewolf. Reinder hasn't told me anything definite and he keeps me in suspense. THAT STINKER!!

Posted by Aggie
I love this. An artist who supplies the art to a story because she yearns to know the ending. I know about writers who work like that themselves. Not knowing where the story will take you might be the best part about writing, for all I know.

Your collaboration may be the best thing that could have happened to ROCR, for several reasons. This way, we get both a) a story and b) gorgeousness, whereas without it there would be neither of those. And thank gosh Reinder's still drawing, too!

You shouldn't be too sad about having regular jobs, though. It's a great thing that you can support yourselves, although it isn't by making comics. If you guys have to starve yourselves because of the webcomic, then I would rather go without the comic, and so should you. It's better to know that you're both happy.
Posted by Michiel P
Next tortures: poking her with a soft cushion, and tying her to a dish rack.
Posted by Thomas
First off I love the comic. Has been a great read from start till now. Please dont ever stop. And do i detect a refference to Monty Pythons Spanish Inquisition ("Fetch the Comfy Chair") there or is it purely coincidence?
Posted by Stevie
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it's DEFINATELY a python reference (not that I would know).
Posted by Loki