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The story of how Atra, Krakatoa and Guðrún got their illegal (and accidental) rejuvenation can be found in the chapter The Fire of Ungdomma.

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I assume her majesty have declared her signover to Alcydia to be considered non-existant because it was forced upon her?
Posted by TuuronTour
The signover is irrelevant.
Posted by Reinder
Alcydia was probably little too clever for her own good, when she demanded "the precise dimensional coordinates" of the realm she got to rule to be specified in the terms of queen Elspeth's surrender. She's now sovereign of a deserted and ruined Undercity, while Elspeth has set up a brand new.... well, "√úbercity", perhaps?

Be that as it may. What we're all waiting for is... WHAT? WHAT?

Posted by Geir
Thanks Geir, I forgot about these "loopholes". Wasn't that man the abt from "Feral" who said he was only distant family?
Posted by TuuronTour
You know, Tamlin has kind of attained the same status as Elvis. He's supposedly gone. But the fans see him here, they see him there...
Posted by Geir
Compare and contrast: the abbot has been shown here:
Posted by Reinder
Ahh.. the abbot is bald on his head and this man isn't. The suspense stays however ;-)
Is this storyline going to be the final end of ROCR? I get the feeling everything is being wrapped up to get our rogue's a well-earned "and they liveth long and happily".
Posted by TuuronTour

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