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More terrible language from Kel. If you're new to the comic, she isn't always like this. The walking around naked thing is just so typically her though.

Did I mention Kel was really livid? Also naked, but that happens a lot.

Made in Tennessee, partly at AdventureCon and partly at Aggie's place. Production has been slow lately so I cannot guarantee updates next week. But I'll try.

More of the potty mouth The URL of this comic is


Hey, there it is.
Posted by Anonymoose
Is all that swearing really in character for her? :O
Posted by Celtic Minstrel
Like I said, we've never seen her quite that angry.
Posted by Reinder
Clearly, since it rather jarred me...
Posted by Celtic Minstrel
My ears! They're bleeeeeding!
Posted by Recca
It shows that she isn't usually swearing, she isn't very good at it.
Posted by Stig Hemmer