Kel losing her facility with language, and some words about the next story.

We're going back to the early 1990s (and staying in story year 992) for Alchemists, the first short Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story. Because The Green Knight's Belt ended up being only 29 pages long due to my tendency at the time to stuff as many panels into a page as I could, I needed another story to bring the minicomic publication to a respectable length. Thus, after some ruminating on the state of science in the middle ages, Alchemists was born. 14 episodes, running until February 28.

On letters, and probation from Bedlam.

Tamlin reads the letter, and our impersonal narrator kindly provides background info.

There is a lot for our kind impersonal and omniscient narrator to narrate concerning alchemists, their failures, their successes and their conventions.

This year's conference is on how to avoid unwanted nuclear fusion reactions.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, two shady individuals are hatching a plot which will undoubtedly be dastardly, fiendish, or both.

The Dastardly fiends' plan is likely to collide with our heroes' cunning one.

Tamlin lays out the objectives and how they are going to be accomplished. Kel has some interesting things to say on the matter.

Atra also has a question, which turns out to be even less to the point than Kel's.

The gang set to work cracking tough scientific nuts... until they give up their valuables!

Rogues, meet Conmen. Conmen, meet Rogues.

Onions, brie, menthol, celery salad, curry, raw leek, ice-and-ice cold Jägermeister...

Just when Atra realises what she needs, two nice men show up to sell it to her.

Hefigna Hafagnagna Hunfougnon, is all.

For someone, all's well that ends well. But others are not so fortunate.