Babble Banter Brouhaha

It's probably not going to be Molly.

Bathing is not a spectator sport, Jake.

An unexpected and unhygienic revelation about Atra.

Yeah, now that you mention it, it's a bit mysterious.

Look away, look away...

Kel and Jodoque in bed, looking at Kel's belly

"It's showing now. You can see it. Can you see it?"
- " You look lovely, honest!"
- "I suppose ... but that's not what I ... I mean it's so weird, don't you think? I can't get used to it."
  "And now I've got to go to this other witch for the birth because Atra is too squeamish!
I mean, I know mrs. Leppiainen. She carries buckets of water around at the bath house! Humming songs to herself all the time!"
- "Bit eccentric, this woman?"
- "Yeah! They are really strange songs too. A lot of them are about singing songs!"
- "You understand Finnish?"
- "Of course! I'm one half elvish, remember?"
- "Hey, by the way, where's your necklace"
- "I'm leaving it off. It was giving me a rash and it could hurt the baby."
- "Shouldn't a witch be eccentric?"
- "I hope not. I've never been good at cackling."

Opinions on the artistic merits of bagpipes evidently differ.

Some mystical nonsense. Did Leppi believe it? Does Jodoque?

Six in a hut, rainy day, time to kill, it's time for... 20 questions!

This page was missing from the archives since the move to Modern Tales in 2002. It was restored on April 25, 2013.

Kicked off a viking ship....

Footnote and disclaimer

  1. I don't think Viking ships really carried boats, and small craft from the Viking era were usually flatter, wider and generally better-drawn than the boat shown here. If I had a lot of money I'd hire someone to draw ships for me.
  2. Most of my information about the Viking era comes from one book, Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga, which is beautifully illustrated and tells you all there is to know about the Viking journeys in the North Atlantic, including areas of dispute between historians. It mentions somewhere that the Norse had quite a bit of cultural contact with the Finns, and it didn't rule out that Finns traveled with Vikings, even if it must have been a rare occurence.
  3. I really ought to point out that while I put what little I know about Finnish culture and mythology into the strip (mostly from my collection of Finnish records and my reading of the Kalevala a while ago), the Finns in Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan are no more real Finns than the Visigoths in the excellent comic book The Replacement God are real Goths. The upside is that you won't see any of my Finns yakking into Nokias. It's fantasy, remember?

Stuapit iufuli!

The rise and fall of the Llanfarythich-Leppiainnen Crue.

Apparently, the gang was disfunctional fright from the start.

The thing about the pentagram was based on something I picked up in a long-lost thread on the Clan of the Cats message board. Thanks to all the witches who pitched in.
Most of what I know about medieval magical practice comes from one book, Magic in the Middle Ages by Richard Kieckhefer. It's good as a wide-ranging, high-altitude overview of known sources about witchcraft and necromancy, but it doesn't really cover any subject in depth. I will use some of the things I learned from that book in the near future, though. In any case, it's from my fellow webcomics readers that I learn the most.

Perhaps mercifully, that awkward conversation gets cut short before it even begins.

Welp, that ends the boredom and gives the gang something to do.