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Chain Mail Bikini

Drawn in 1998, but not published anywhere until 2005.


Very funny! I've never seen that idea before!
Posted by Lola
This is hilarious. I print it to show at my next role playing game.
Doing this, I realise that there is no attribution, so I feel bad about it :-(
Reinder, you really need to toput at least your name on your art. Maybe even an URL.
It's great, it's going to be passed around(*), and you deserve the recognition.

(*): discussing whether it should be printed or not is orthogonal to the discussion about signing your art.
Posted by Jyhem
Thanks for the compliments. I've always felt bad about signing my comics. Possibly it's because I grew up reading the Donald Duck weekly in which there wasn't anything that reminded the reader that a human being made the comic. The young reader would, of course, eventually figure this out on his own.
Maybe I should take this up as a habit though, for the reason you mention. For now, though, just scribble the URL on your printouts:)
Posted by Reinder
I like girls. But this cartoon turns me off because the girl doesn't have a penis
Posted by Pierre Froment
Pierre, Uncle Ghastly can help you with that.
Posted by Reinder
I've always wondered what was in those bikinis that made them jingle soooo much.. Now I Know!!! LOL!!!!
Posted by Purplkat
Gods her back must ache! All that metal (even mixed with the air between the coins) has to be 5 to 15 times the density of ordinary breast tissue; and the women I've known with tits that size have all complained mightily of the weight.
Posted by spinclad
Posted by Stripey
I DID wonder where they kept their loot... now I know... and I'm sure it will make pickpocketing even more rewarding... and dangerous :P
Posted by Hogan

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