The fox and the henhouse

Kel continues to ride the sweet, sweet waves of adrenaline. Will she regret this?

Kel's revelation that she knows exactly what Atra's been up to lately doesn'slow the older/younger witch down at all.

Ale, marshmallows, fun and games are discussed.

Atra seems less than serious on the issue of providing evidence, and a little too serious on the issue of marshmallows.

Three hours past noon and all is well, except for my splitting headache.

Hogsworth Junior and Lance-Constable Owen talk. About.. things.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... the household has definitely changed since we last saw Ragna, Hilde and Jodoque.

Getting the dirt off, and getting the other schmuck to go through the door first.

In which the

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Oddly, something like this happened to me a few weeks ago.

Krakatoa gets a new dress, one previous owner.

Brother Bartholomeus puts his sandaled foot in his hyperactive mouth, but rallies.

Colour flats by DFG


About the book....

Colour flats by DFG.

Krakatoa has fainted! And the monks carrying her to the hospice have totally injured themselves doing so!

Colour flats by DFG.

The Malleus Pseudo-Mortiis looks like it's some sort of inquisition manual.

Colour flats by DFG.

Bartholomew is lucky he hasn't sworn a vow of silence.

*) Bartholomew is of course referring to the Saints of the Pillar Field.

Colour flats by DFG.

Krakatoa has one more shot at reading the book.

Colour flats and sarcastic commentary by DFG.