Home to roost

Hildegard has a visitor.

It's been a while, but Feral is back. We'll try to keep a regular schedule going of one installment a week. This new episode was done entirely by me, without any assistance, and is the first ever ROCR comic to be done entirely digitally. As such, it took me a long time to do, but I'll try this again next week and hopefully it'll get done a bit faster. The comic was done on my new Macbook, using Photoshop CS 4. The final compression of the png file was done with PNGOUT on a virtual Windows machine running in Parallels on the same Macbook.

Hywel is interested in the loom... and the wool.... and the meat.

Meanwhile, at the castle, a meeting is about to end and another is unexpectedly about to begin.

Some old faces in this one, and one new one. The woman in blue is Sari Leppiainen, last seen in Sauna Opera. The woman in the wheelchair is Old Mother Turniproot, great-great-whatever-grandmother of Marion. She was last seen in this sequence from Guðrún and is now attended to by one of her other great-great-whatever-granddaughters, Morgan, who's been mentioned but not shown before. The richly-dressed woman is of course Duchess Guðrún, who last appeared in two chapters from The Corby Tribe and in the two Courtly Manners stories.

Thanks to Aggie for help picking some of the colours when I was getting a bit lost <3

Clearly, the Duchess had her reasons for not being at the Sabbath.

Next week's update is very much in doubt as I will be traveling next weekend and didn't get it finished this weekend. It may still happen, but it will depend on a lot of things. If I can ink it on the plane and upload it at Aggie's, then maybe.

The plan was really to complete two updates this weekend, but in fact I had to cut corners to get this one done. Like the previous update, I'd gone back to real ink for this page, instead of digital. That was faster, until I ended up redrawing large parts of it in digital and adding a figure in digital anyway. I find the digital inking process unpleasant and slow, but it does lead to cleaner looking results so the next one will be digital again.

Old mother Turniproot has a slow conversation with Morgan.

I'm gonna have to reconsider this digital art thing... this page turned out better than the last one but I'm still unhappy with both the process and the results.
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The Duchess is involved in a standoff with the Sheriff's messenger.

For a moment there, I really thought I wouldn't get an update done in time.

Guðrún is good at playing this game.

Yep, it's back to penciled art. This one was scanner-ready in 90 minutes, not counting the time for the fixative to dry, and may well have been the fastest-drawn episode ever. The reason is that Aggie and I were both a bit out of sorts about our inability to keep a schedule lately, so we challenged each other to stop whining and just get the next update over with. That worked. Might do that again next week.

Guðrún figures it all out.

Blissfully unaware of Hywel ap Hywel ap Hywel's visit, Kel, Jodoque, Marion, the Feral, Jake, Shireen, Ragnarok and Atra come back to the homestead.

This page was done entirely at Aggie's place, on larger paper than before.

Hywel ap Hywel ap Hywel has just exploded on poor Hildegard.

Made in Tennessee. Far too much post-production work in this one, and I could easily have done several hours more. Maybe it's time to go back to inking.

Hywel ap Hywel ap Hywel is a nimble one!

Made in Tennessee. The next update is mostly done but may be delayed anyway due to the Comicgenesis Cookout taking place in Nashville this weekend. If I can't get it done by Thursday afternoon, it'll have to wait until next Tuesday.

Kel withdraws with Jodoque to the one private space the house has, and hears the news.

Made in Tennessee! This week, Aggie and I will have to prepare for our table at Knoxville Adventurecon, and it will become harder to maintain a 2 comics per week schedule. Expect the next comic on Monday, June 15.

This episode and the next few will have some stronger language than readers may be accustomed to from Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. Readers have never seen Kel quite as angry as this.

Kel is livid. LI-VID!

Made in Tennessee. By now we're back from Adventurecon and the next update will appear on Monday, June 22.

Using the documents, Kel slowly plods away at figuring out the scam.

Made in Tennessee.

Clippety-cloppety-clop, it's you-know-who!

Made at AdventureCon 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ragnarok and Jake are back, and there's a nasty surprise waiting for them.

Made at Adventurecon 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Today marks the ninth anniversary of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan's online publication in English. It's been a long, strange trip. I thought of creating special anniversary art to put up on this day, but decided to give you an extra regular update instead, so that the Feral storyline moves along at a faster pace. After all, that's what everyone wants the most.

Some belated anniversary art

Four our ninth anniversary, the Nine of Pentacles, by Aggie Janicot of American Gothic Daily, my fiancée.

To celebrate the ninth anniversary of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan online, Aggie drew this for me: the Nine of Pentacles from the tarot. Yes, it's completely unrelated to Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. It's still beautiful, and in any case the ideas we came up with that were related to ROCR, didn't really work. This one does. Thanks again sweetheart!

More terrible language from Kel. If you're new to the comic, she isn't always like this. The walking around naked thing is just so typically her though.

Did I mention Kel was really livid? Also naked, but that happens a lot.

Made in Tennessee, partly at AdventureCon and partly at Aggie's place. Production has been slow lately so I cannot guarantee updates next week. But I'll try.

The Sheriff's big copper moment gets stolen away from him.

Made in Tennessee on Canson Comic Book paper instead of the DIN A3 paper I normally use.
The next episode is likely to be delayed as I will not have much time to work on it this week.

The Sheriff gets his performance evaluated on the spot.

Last one made in Tennessee. I will be traveling back to the Netherlands next Sunday and will not have time to make a new page before then. So there will not be a new page until August 10 at the earliest.

Krakatoa's musings arr rudely intarrupted

Made back in Groningen, alas. I did this on a newly restored MacBook on which some monitor and Photoshop settings may not have been copied over from the old system. I hope it looks all right on other systems. Please note the official date for this is August 10 even if it's been posted earlier.

One of the sheep farmers is not too sure about this.

Kel and Ragnarok talk at cross-purposes as Ragna prepares for the big showdown.

Ragnarok pushes Kel just a leetle too hard.

Outside, an angry mob has indeed joined the sheriff's men. But they are easily distracted.

In which chickens are harrassed and a lot of people gawk like idiots


Kel sniffs something out.

Kel makes a horrific discovery...

Happy new year, everyone! This is going to be the last of the latest batch of installments. I have no idea when I'll be producing more.

In the preparations for battle, one person seems to be forgotten.

First page in three months. I have no idea when the next one will show up, but as before, I wanted to let people know that I am still alive and thinking about the comic.

All digital work on this comic done in the GIMP, for the first time in six or so years. It's got a lot better since then, and I have figured out that the Paths tool is pretty analogous to the vector tools in Photoshop, so drawing word balloons is no longer a problem.

Ragnarok has a question for the Feral.

Dedicated to my stepson-to-be, Squirrel, whose love of Assassin's Creed knows no bounds, and to Rich Morris of YAFGC.

Ragnarok and Atra argue.