The journey starts

The Reading of the Checklist is an important pre-travel ceremony. It doesn't usually accomplish anything. There's ALWAYS something you forget.

Transport for the gang is arranged. Oddly, so is booze.

The horse is knackered! Knackered! Geddit? I kill myself sometimes.

Mtuff, oink. It's not easy to impress a Clwydian farmer, nuh-uh. Tamlin gets something out of the guy though.

Hey-ho-landlording galore

How to catch a racing goblin: While Ragna and Jake discuss catching a Racing Goblin, Tamlin actually goes out and does it... his way.

Burps, smooch

King Groy is also in love. King Groy hears word of the Gang's activities.

The interrupted breakfast

A wild chase ensues

Worse than that, they've punctured our barrel

Cookies are always the answer

WHOMP! The solution to the present problem is found in a thick book about monsters and demonds.

How to get rid of annoying faeries, and gain a griffin for your efforts

There are more critters in the forest, and the Rogues seem destined to meet them all.

One should not kill the golden goose

Ogres are simply annoying

The forest gives the King's men the willies. Hey, look who's there!

In other universes it should have been a troll. Doesn't make much of a difference as far as thickness is concerned.

The hag falls for the potion ruse hook, line and sinker

Fallen in the kettle... where have I heard that before?

The hag's mood has improved quite a bit

That Gnome needs to have his muzzle tied! The bosom of young Abigail and other areas of considerable interest.

While working on the series, an English exchange student gave me a tape of an Irish folk duo containing the song Jake is seen singing in the comic above. Can't remember what they were called though.

The explanatory power of an empty barrel

The hag is not in a good mood now

Futharkism! Barrel, open up!

Kel, Tamlin, Atra, Ragna, and the drunk thing with the beard is called Jake

My lord and master, the Green Knight.