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Gang of Four, Season 5

The fifth season, with a new name

  1. Gang of 4, Season 5, episode 1 Hastily-written first episode of The Gang of 4, the sequel to Floor
  2. Gang of Four, Season 5, episode 2 I work above an outdoor swimming pool, so I see this behaviour every summer.
  3. Gang of Four, Season 5, episode 2 It's easy for me to do comics on Harry Potter fever. This isn't the first one I've done. Because the Dutch translations of the Harry Potter books tend to come out three or four months after the English versions, and my lead time for Hello You was t
  4. Gang of 4, Season 5, episode 4 Ruben stunts in the snow to the disapproval of his friends...
  5. Gang of Four Season 5, Episode 5 I get sick a lot, and I can never resist working the experience into a script.
  6. Gang of Four Season 5, Episode 6 What I love about this comic: The colours. The way Amber holds her cell phone. Amber's panicked expression. Amber's ridiculous boots. The minor characters in the first panel. What I don't like about it is the final panel. It was clear that I was rushing t
  7. Gang of Four, Season 5, Episode 7 The small children on the right in panel 1 are miniature versions of David Tennant and Billie Piper, of the new Doctor Who series. Just one thing I added to make it more fun. For some reason, I found this page very difficult to make, and it shows i