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Privacy Policy

This site did not use to have a privacy policy. When Google started requiring that sites carrying their ads have one, just after they added intrusive DoubleClick ads to their rotation, we removed Google ads from our website instead. However, in today's online landscape, not having a privacy policy would be unethical, and even the act of removing Google's ads implies that we've thought about where we will draw the line between being able to serve ads and collect statistics on visitors and protecting your personal data against actual, potential or apparent abuse.

This is what we will do

We will serve you ads on all ROCR-related web sites that we control. That's how the website very nearly supports itself. The companies that serve these ads may publish pages with referral statistics and unique visitor/pageview numbers. We love this stuff, but we only use them to track how the website is doing, determine how we can squeeze more money out of our advertisers and figure out where we might want to advertise ourselves. Some of these statistics pages may be viewable to other potential advertisers or to the world at large, but they should have all the personal stuff stripped out, so we will not be able to tell who looked at what.

We will collect our own user statistics. Again, to track how we are doing, shake down our advertisers and find out where we may find more people interested in ROCR. Nothing horrible, I promise. Our statistical engine is powerful but we don't let anyone else look at it.

This is what we will not do

We will not put your job or your standing in your local community at risk by working with companies that can link your activities all over the net to your online identity or a significant part of it. In some communities, reading a webcomic with naked characters in you can get you fired from your job even if you do it at home, or ostracised from the community. This is why we replaced the Facebook badges with a simple text link that you can click on - you control whether you send information about your reading ROCR to Facebook, not them.

We will not allow reckless sharing of your data with third parties or allow these data to follow you around on external sites. This is why we didn't allow DoubleClick. It's hard to draw the line between reckless and reasonable sharing of data, but we're working on it and will try to use our best judgment.

...but do note the following

Online companies are notorious for changing the rules on everyone. What was a safe company to work with yesterday may decide to do a Facebook tomorrow and sink its teeth into your personal data. We can only promise to do our best but we may not always be well informed about changes in our partners' policies or the implications of our partners' existing policies. If you think this may be the case Contact Reinder Dijkhuis.

Some of our mirror sites require advertisements to be carried, which comes from companies that have different policies. We do not control everything that is shown on the mirror sites at Drunk Duck, Modern Tales and Webcomics Nation. We control some of it, but some of it is there as a requirement from these providers. We cannot guarantee that these sites will be as strict as us.

Finally, fallback advertising can be intractable. Our ad providers are Project Wonderful and Open Ad Network. If PW cannot serve us advertising, it will show an ad for one of our own comics. Open Ad Network allows hosts to ban certain networks and I have asked that they do not include Google ads in their rotation on They may forget this at their convenience. Or not. In case of doubt, you can keep a tight rein on your data yourself: use ad blockers or even a host file at the operating system level to block sites you want to keep away from your personal data or those of members of your family.