Sauna Opera

1001 AD...

Tamlin is about to get overheated.

Time for a plunge in the cold bath, all right.

POKE! You've been poked.

Things develop. Enter Leppiainnen...

No sausages in the birthing chamber!

By God, Jodoque, you're sweating worse than you did in that sauna!

Where have you lived all your life? Don't answer that!

Your grace! I saw your wife here the other day!

Amazing! After all those years? Fancy that!

I don't know how she can put up with his cheating, let alone help him along!

Mrs. Leppiainnen being difficult, or something more sinister?

I have no idea whether or not the Finnish tradition of a week's confinement in the birth sauna was as strict as Ragnarok implies. What's important is that she thinks it is. It's more likely that Mrs. Leppiäinnen is just being difficult.

Kel is awake and lucid...

Ethelfried is as direct as ever.

Awkward moment.

"You bastard! Why didn't you say so?"
- "Probably?"
- "Well, what do you remember about-"
- "Lemme get this straight - "
"I was about to take you home and-
- "You were, huh? Well, lemme- "
- "You mean you just might be unloading a big-chinned baby on- "
- "-and- "
- "Look, even if I am the father, you know just as well as I that that doesn't mean I've got a-"
- "It doesn't, huh? What am I, a- "
- "Look, you tricked me into bed once after 10 years of trying. What kind of a - "
- "YOU RAT! "
- "Hey! "

Exit Ethelfried, with Tamlin moving to follow her. Ragnarok holds him back.


Meanwhile in the birth sauna...

Jodoque's mood is imperturbable.

Fetching sausages

Snow causes a panic in the sauna...