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A Trinket's Tale

Drawn in April, 1998, A Trinket's Tale was intended as a parody of and response to a comic I read in the fantasy comics magazine Mythography in the late 1990s. That comic, which shall remain nameless but has since been republished online, was a mess of poorly thought out and hackneyed ideas, only redeemed somewhat by the slick execution. It was rubbish, the sort of work that gives fantasy a bad name.

I considered sending A Trinket's Tale to Mythography but I thought it wasn't too great itself - the parody didn't cut to the heart of the matter and, more damningly for the kind of magazine that Mythography was, the art was rough. It's amateurish in the sense that it wasn't properly finished. 8 years on, though, the story is worth telling as a corrective to the sort of nonsense that is still perpetrated in fantasy comics and fantasy literature. I namechecked two of my colleagues at the time in the last-but one panel.


Have to love the guards, though. But you missed a couple of the points, perhaps. e.g. that she couldn't blend into the crowd in her underwear, as opposed to just beng randomly caught.
Posted by Adam Cuerden
I was still reading a lot of fantasy comics at the time, so that aspect didn't seem immediately absurd. In a better-designed fantasy setting than this three-pager offered, it wouldn't be.
Posted by Reinder
well the thief was hot...
the gaurds should learn how to search a thief better.
Posted by Luthuran

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