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The Wife in the Hole -a Saami folktale

A short Saami folktale adapted by Geir StrÝm and illustrated by Reinder Dijkhuis for the special "Devil" issue of the magazine Impuls. It is recommended for Mature Readers, or it would be if I had to.

Drawn in 1998.


Reinder, I enjoy your work VERY much. Your almost-minimalist style is fine - the characters are clearly different and show lots of personality.
I am enjoying the folktales you present - I hope that you'll expand on that in the near future. You have caused me to start reading about the Saami people - I'd never heard of them before. Shame on you - don't you know Usenet is supposed to be full of ignorant lunkheads? And here you go, causing education...
Posted by Moses Lambert
Thank you! A lot of the credit should go to Geir for writing the script based on the folktale. By the way, another reader told me a variant of the same story could also be found in the Arabian Nights.
Posted by Reinder

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