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The text below is a first attempt at providing some background to the world of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan and will probably be rewritten, moved, re-templated, moved again, re-designed, rewritten again and then scrapped.


Wolfmen, Countess Alcydia's henchmen.

Wolfmen are the mostly mindless drones of Countess Alcydia von Dönnerwetter. The secret to creating wolfmen has been in the Dönnerwetter family for many generations, ever since Countess Amoralia decided she needed better bootlicks.

Military organisation of the wolfmen

Like her ancestors, Countess Alcydia prizes obedience over initiative, intelligence or individuality. Consequently, Wolfmen are thick as goat cheese, but good at obeying even the most insane orders unconditionally (provided their commander is within visual range — without someone to order them, they tend towards cowardice). They are also good at sucking up to their masters and abasing themselves in front of anyone seen as superior, which is anyone they are not fighting against or holding captive.

However, a modern military can't exist on cannon fodder alone, so Countess Alcydia has introduced drill sergeants who at least have the ability to dominate other wolfmen, as well as an airborne division of wolfmen who, when operating their gliding craft, can take the initiative and make decisions of their own. These decisions are invariably suicidally stupid, but at least they're not their commanders' responsibility.

Most wolfmen today are not created from human slaves; once a stable and sufficiently dimwitted population had been established, the wolfmen were allowed to breed among themselves. They do this enthusiastically, though perhaps troublingly, no female wolf-person has ever been sighted among Countess Alcydia's minions.

Wolfmen created by Daniel Østvold and Geir Strøm. Illustration by Calvin Bexfield.

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Don't forget to mention their propulsion is based on bad dog food ;-)
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