A note from the author

Story time is the year 998.
I started work on this story in 1997, when I was heavily into Cerebus. I didn't finish it at the time, but recently rediscovered it, re-drew large parts of the opening chapter as well as small parts of the second chapter, and added the final two chapters.
Remaster project started on November 26, 2012.

There's a surprise waiting on the banks of the stream.

The creature is very adamant about being some kind of dirt-swine.

[*] Note: When I wrote this part, I was still writing and thinking in Dutch. The word I used was "Aardmannetje", a Dutch word meaning a gnome or underground spirit. It doesn't translate well, but the word survives in the name of a famous British animation company...

How Scarabus the Earth-Pig came to be.

Scarabus uses the magical dimension known as Bookspace to check his reference material.

Jodoque's reaction to the Earth-pig can best be described as "over the top%quot;.

Jodoque runs for the hills, even though there aren't any hills.

Some background on the Earth-Pig cult.


Nobody said magic would be easy, and in fact, some times the process is tedious and time-consuming.

This whole page is basically a beat.

Scarabus plans an alternative course of action, while Atra samples the brew.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!