Town Crier Network

The Boing is important and has to be boinged with feeling.

Jodoque's vocal chords are being put through their paces.

One day, I'll get around to telling Cardinal Sickepit's story. I swear.

Yeah, I'd say he does a passable Duchess...

It's amazing how many people Jodoque doesn't know.

Woof, he said, and Jodoque didn't turn on his heel and leave. It was truly a different age.

The wonders of miniaturisation.

The wonders of miniaturisation AND mass production.

A thousand to start with. Make that 999.

BOING! All is well. Except for the things that aren't well.

Occasional naked faeries and the mother of all thunderstorms in the evening.

... or that they liked buzzing complete strangers.

The Crystal ball network is already seeing extensive use.

While Kel is being foolhardy, the fool is not hardy.


A bit of realism concerning dragons.

No sign of the dragon, and conditions aren't getting any better.

This is going to end badly...


Geb fab hab!

There's blood, all right. Blood. This stuff is not funny, y'all.

False alarm!

Mine's a pint, Ron!