Meat and Drink

POIT! Blink!

So... did it go right? Where is Kel at now?

Meanwhile at Leppiainnen's...

The Corbies at least know how to keep a good fire going.

Mags wants the redheaded witch gone before the morning's... foraging?

Getting their story straight...

This must be absense of evidence.

A moderately impolite, inconsiderate awakening.

It's all knights, maidens and the odd wizard. A monotonous diet, fer reals.

Since you aren't running away, I presume you're here so that I can devour you?

The dragon has to think about it...

What if I'm wrong? says Jodoque.

This is the right way to discuss matters of state. And quantum fiction, and meaning.

OK, maybe not meaning. Empty signifiers, perhaps.

Meanwhile, in the world of the Gnomes...

Tamlin is at the heart of an old legend about a dragon hunter. Or it's all an alcoholic hallucination. One of the two.

Let's be clear about this: the scenario here is one of enthusiastic consent.

It's not like flashback!Tamlin needed the encouragement, honestly. But he appreciates it.

How messalinian.

(*) The Central Office for Adding Up Everything estimates that Nicolo Machiavelli will not be born for another 469 years.

Pish tosh to the lot of them!

On balance, it's probably a good thing to smell of the lair.

Just how reliable are the narrators here?

Kel's fishy dreams get pretty primal. Comes from having watched <i>Altered States</i> as a teen, I guess.

The subject of shapeshifting is brought up.

Muehehehehe heheh

Focus your mind... (drum roll)


A warm welcome.

- "Yeah. I don't understand it either."
- "Maybe after the birth we could ask for a salty bath and see what happens."
- "That reminds me! We must leave for Leppiainen's tomorrow!"
"Jodoque, I've been an idiot. I put my baby at risk just to get rid of my nightmares..."

Another one of those bedtime conversations.

- "Well, you're here, and our little girl is unharmed."
- "Boy. It's gonna be a boy."
- "Did the dragon tell you so?"
- "No, but... I just know, OK?"
- "We still haven't settled on a name"
- "How about 'Henry'?"
- "Hmmm... I'll need to sleep on it."
- "Hee hee... sweet dreams."