Winter isn't the best time to carry out nefarious schemes, but it's well suited to sitting around the house and plotting them. The faerie Wythllew and her new friends, the Corby family, therefore took their time. Wythllew joined the family for their Yule feast...

Merry Christmas! Don't forget to wear a clothespin on your nose!

Wythllew, who was unfamiliar with the human custom of exchanging gifts at Yuletime, made up for her faux pas two weeks later...

Wythllew has a Christmas present for the Corbies.

At Wythllew's request, Ottar (for that was the faerie's name) explained his status.

Serfdomrite is most important ritual in faerie life!

One cold day in January, the Corbies could not resist a little potshot at Atra the witch. A trap was set...

Beware of crows holding grudges.

She can walk fast for such an old lady.

What old lady?

Disorientation has an unexpected effect on Atra.

There's nothing romantic about this ruin, trust me.

At the end of the path was a place Atra hadn't seen in over forty years - a place she had left as a teenager.

The mem'reez, they flood in!<

The brisk walk has not done Atra good.

Shaken by the sudden flow of bad memories, Atra turned around and walked away from the ruin. It wasn't until hours later that she found her way back to the homestead, where she was greeted by looks of concern from Jodoque and Kel.

She poured herself a jug of ale and sat down at the table, where she remained until well after the others had retired to their beds.

Fishsome, even.

The faeries Wythllew and Ottar wasted no time debriefing Leroukh Corby on what appeared to be the failure of their trap due to error on the side of the Corby clan. Leroukh, however, was adamant that the woman they had chased into the Waylay was in fact their old acquaintance, the witch Atra, and that they had not harrassed any random individual willy-nilly.

Both Wythllew and Leroukh Corby found the matter very suspicious indeed.