Punk Rock Berserkerettes

Jodoque walks into an ambush and is ordered to stand and deliver

Cursing himself, an exhausted Jodoque lead his equally knackered horse along the dirt road leading into the the Dungill Forest. He had never been a good horseman - his old career as a jester didn't allow him the opportunity - and so he had exhausted the poor beast in no time. Now, the horse was slowing him down. Wading across yet another muddy stream, he remembered something from his news bulletin of a few weeks ago.
Reports of increased banditry. Wouldn't it be ironic if -

"Stand and deliver!"

The voice was higher than he would have expected, and somehow familiar.

A company of strangely-dressed women comes out of the woodwork.

"God, it's you! Put down the weapons, girls, he's an old friend!"
"Ragna?" Jodoque was astonished. "I thought you had-"
Actually, Jodoque hadn't thought much about her at all. He knew she had given birth at the ducal castle, and that was about it.
"What are you-"
"-Doing here? Scourging the land and blighting the lives of innocent travelers. It's working, so far."

"Hey," said one of Ragna's companions, shining a torch in his face. "He's a cutie!"

Jodoque is fawned on by Hildegard and some of the other Berserkerettes

Ragnarok starts her life update

Like the old hideout when Tamlin's gang was still a gang, the camp was well-hidden. Tents were covered in shrubs and twigs; essential supplies hidden in barely-marked pits.

"I offered to become the Duke's quartermistress," she said. "But Guðrún didn't think the troops were ready for that, so I became a barmaid instead."

"A barmaid?" asked Jodoque, incredulous.

Ragnarok looked away. "Well, sort of a barmaid."

Ragnarok reminisces about her attempt at a straight career

I had no trouble getting the job - somehow I came out of my pregnancy looking ten years younger. But it turned out that -
"Lemme guess. They didn't want you just to serve drinks."
That's right. So I, uh, resigned on the spot, which really impressed the other girls. I went back to my old profession. It's what I do best. And when the girls saw how easy it was, they wanted to join me.

Colour by Rahball.

Naked Jodoque sleeping rather restlessly with the naked berserkerette women

Jodoque had a rather restless night. Apart from his worries over Kel, he had to come to terms with the presence of seven comely lasses who found him cute. In the old days, he had slept in Kel's tree house, and before that, he had been King Groy's court jester - no one had ever called him cute then.

And then there was the baby. Young Harold had as stout a pair of lungs as Fay - if not stouter.

Color by Jeroen Jager.

Ragnarok regales with tales of robbing a gnomian merchant

As they started their march to Mudslope early the next morning, Jodoque finally asked the question that had been on his mind since the evening before.
"Those outfits... how-"

We met a bunch of gnomes a few weeks ago, on their way to the castle. They had loads of these things. Hildegard thought they'd look nice and intimidating on us.

"Mudslope," spoke the woman known as Hildegard. "Masks, everyone."

Panel 2 originally colored by Rahball in coloured pencils. The original files for this panel are lost, so for the 2011 remaster, I had to reconstruct the look in Photoshop.

A large number of male and female witches, some in their finest witch outfits, some naked, look up as the masked berserkerettes enter the sabbath grounds.

Color by Jeroen Jager.

Jodoque is 'oppin' mad!

Jodoque didn't need instructions to find the place where Kel was laid up. The tent clearly revealed the presence of a very sick shapeshifter. With ill humour, he took a swipe at a raven bobbing along near the tent.

Then he spotted Kel, inside the tent with Sanderon and an unknown, elderly witch. Kel was in very poor shape indeed.

Color by Jeroen Jager.

Kel is not looking too good. But what's that outside the tent?

Jodoque tried to embrace Kel, but Fay was sleeping on top of her. Neither of them said anything, but Kel stretched out a clammy arm.

Sanderon indicated to the nurse tending to Kel that it would be a good idea to leave the patient alone with her husband for a few minutes. As they walked out of the tent, they heard a loud, unrestrained sobbing from a tree-top.

Color by Jeroen Jager. Some fixes applied during the remaster process in 2011.