Family reunion

A sinister Gnomian ritual is in process. But the girl on the slab is giggling!

It's night. The cobbler's workshop is abandoned. But something flits through the window!

Yes, it is in fact mending shoes. Don't worry though, the purpose of all this will be divulged eventually.

The faerie gets a letter, and this has an unusual effect on it.

How long can I keep up those wordless episodes with very little actually happening? Read the comic to find out...

One last preparation before they're ready to tackle.... the cave!

Remastered on January 11, 2010. The size increase effect has been redone with some changes compared to the original, making this more of a remix.

The faeries wait outside the cave. What comes out is green, and red, and has two heads.

The new arrivals get a warm and voluble welcome.

Faeries have an uncanny ability to go

The 4 people... creatures... whatever... proceed to an inn. I can already tell you they won't be challenged to a fight. Blah.

Like I said, no overzealous challengers, big frigging swords and other fantasy clichés. Ale is mentioned once or twice, though.

Kangra gives the straight dope about the Rite and its place in Elven society. Still no swordfighter in sight.

A flashback of how Kel and co. wrangled, cajoled and generally harrassed Wythllew.

With a few choice words, the old mage reveals his understanding of human nature and the futility of human endeavour.

Jodoque dreams of naked faeries in his bed. The actual faeries, including the naked one, are having a serious conversation about politics.

Trying to console Kel, Jodoque gets his hands on something that shouldn't be there at all....

It's worth remembering that one thing faeries are known to be good at is playing pranks. Double and triple pranks, if at all possible.