The Dyrtforabyggern

Artist's Note: I was going to use a clever Javascript/image-map widget to supply translations, but I haven't got around to it. And after seeing the recent untranslated dialogue in FRAMED!!!, I thought, hey, my readers have brains too, right? So I'm inviting you all to guess at the meaning of this in the Reinder Dijkhuis forum. Good luck, although it will be easier for those of you who already speak Gnomian...

Kangra appears to have awoken a sleeping dog, and the midden is about to hit the windmill.

(*) I'll just have to leave the translation of "Dyrtforrabyggern" up in the air for you to guess at. The reason is that if I tell you what it means, I'll be plagiarising a fellow webcartoonist who's always been perfectly nice to me, while if I leave it untranslated, it will merely be a clever reference. Do feel free to guess in the Forum though.

Jodoque and Norla collect themselves - possibly Norla's collected herself a little too well!

Jodoque betrays how his mind works at absolutely the worst moment, and boy is Norla livid. But don't worry, she's quite civilised...

An explorer in darkest Africa is kept awake one night by endless drumming. He asks his guide what's going on. The guide says

So after the third night of that infernal drumming, the exasperated explorer exclaims imploringly:

Norla spells it out for Jodoque: gnomes, elves and faeries can be inventively vicious bastards.

Kel is shown the jail known as <i>Dyrtforrabyggern</i>. Or is it a gaol? Faeries, Vampyres, Gaol. It's a gaol.

It's the Dyrtforrabyggern as far as the eye can see. It depresses Kel a bit...

Kel and Kangra meet again.....looks like Kangra may have some explaining to do!

A mob is forming outside a governmental office. The mob consists mostly of faeries, but they've got the idea of mobbing bang to rights.

Stuff goes on.

'Clap-Me-In-Irons' Daoiblagh explains who the mob gathered outside are, and proffers his dodgy acorns.

The troublemaking faerie fella confronts Norla.

Norla and P'séagg reminisce about the old days. Sort of. Striped shirts are mentioned, but baguettes are not.

Apparently, Norla and the faerie known as P'Séagg go back a long way, which is why they hate each other's guts.

Norla and Jodoque finally enter the <i>Dyrtforrabyggern</i>. Some other people are already there with Kel and Kangra...

Kangra finally gets to explain what happened at the Office of Rites.

Yes, Kangra's very upset. But there's worse to come.

Placid, laconic Jodoque has had enough.

Jodoque, ever the musical fellow, composes himself. But in any conversation where Kel offers her opinion, there's plenty more trouble to follow.

She fell out of trees a lot. And wore silly hats. Not to mention those silly round ears she had.

Remastering notes: Recolored from a new scan on February 6, 2011, because the original color files were lost. Of all the Rites of Serfdom remasters, this has so far taken the longest to reconstruct.

Just days later, young Kel tries again. But the Gnomes aren't being very helpful.

Remastering notes (February 7, 2011): This is another one that needed to be recoloured from scratch because the hi-res colour files were missing. The new colouring is a little more subtle than the old one, but no major change. Some words in the dialogue have been altered, so what was originally "aniseed milk" is now "anise milk".

Kel's narrative continues. She had a few handicaps when it came to performing the Rite of Serfdom, such as being too tall and not magical enough.