Back in the inn, Jodoque asks a question that he should have asked earlier. Norla is evasive.

Norla gives a practical demonstration of what the Master Rune was developed to prevent. It involves Jodoque's naked butt.

Norla finally cuts to the chase, with some encouragement from Jodoque.<br />It looks like the stakes are high!
SCHEDULE CHANGING TO ALL WEEKDAYS for this week and the next!<br />

P'séaigg is debriefed by a forest person in a big red hat...

Note: This conversation actually took place in a local dialect of the Gnomian language. Because the dialogue is a little more complex than that shown in earlier sequences which were ran in Gnomian, it has been translated into English for your convenience.

Jodoque ponders, Norla rents a heron, and something goes bump in the night!

In her dreams, Kel is haunted by nature red in tooth and claw. Well, the teeth are white, but you get the idea.

She's just picking up some of her things. And, as it turns out, a memory. The memory involves French onion seller outfits, for some reason.

Morning. A Gnomian priest, on his way to work, is accosted by C.M.I.I Daoibleagh, who wants to sell him some oatmeal of a certain age. He escapes, but in his office, a new nuisance awaits him in the form of a naked faerie who is also of a certain age.

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Redrawn in March, 2011

The red-headed, middle-aged naked faerie does not seem to be quite right in the head, but she does know how to rub the priest up the wrong way.

The Priest has another visitor to deal with, as Isolde wants some information from him.

The lawyer Isolde can't help herself, and almost pushes the priest over the edge.

Somebody thinks powdered wigs make a man look sexy. Too bad that the man in question is a gnome called Isolde. But then, the somebody is a middle-aged naked faerie who may or may not be altogether right in the head.

A friend of mine once refered to the heron as an airborne cow. And with reason, as Maghreid and Isolde find out.

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Maghreid is bothered by something.

Jodoque and P'Séaigg discuss technicalities while waiting for Norla