The Consensus Faerie

Norla's response to Kel's mention of their mother is kind of curious, don't you think ?

Jodoque got Norla's number, and gets some rolled-up leaves to smoke as a reward.

Norla reminisces on her turn at the Rite of Serfdom, spent in a church in Corvey

The word "Seiþur" is an old Norse word meaning, depending on what source I consult, "magic" or "mores" in the sense of a daily religious practice. The faeries don't have Gods as such although some of them believe the spirit of the Ancestor watches over them, or at least that they can survive anything the Ancestor did. A "Seiþabyggelse" or building for "Seiþur" in either sense of the word isthe closest the faeries can come to describing a church. A bit like the Grimborg, where magic happens, and a bit like the Shrine of the Ancestor, where people go for common ritual observances. By the way, there's only one Shrine, but many local Grimborgs.

Norla reminisces on her Rite of Serfdom and the strange human art she had to clean

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Working at the church stirs up a strange desire in Norla's heart. But the desire is not mutual as the church frowns on small naked creatures inhabiting it

And God cast them out of the garden, to live by the sweat of their brows and cover their nakedness with stalks of celery. 's What the church painting said

Corvej church, home of both gorgeous early Christian Norse art and  Gripping Sheela-na-gigs.

Our priest is a little more political than he seemed at first.

The final days of Norla's Rite of Serfdom. But will her magic be killed in the process? That's what baptism is supposed to do to them...

Norla returns to her country in a triumphant mood, which is quickly squashed. It seems like the various species and tribes of the Gnomian lands aren't interested in her new religion.