Time to put someone on the slab! And it's gonna be the naked guy.

A few notes on the Gnomian transport ritual: Gnomian magic, as has been mentioned before, uses the energy generated by secret conspiracies, redirecting it for magical purposes. The ritual used for the redirection comes in a few variants: Kel was transported to the Green Knight's lair by four Gnomes waving torches. Although most Gnomes approve of versions of the ritual involving the flourishing of some sort of stick with a knob on the end, most prefer variants that also involve a triangular slab on which a mock sacrifice is conducted. This is symbolic of something or other.
By the way, the "cheese representative" P'Séaigg mentions is in fact a cheese. It's a long story which undoubtedly involves C.M.I.I Daoibleagh in some capacity or other. Our woad-covered friend is probably right not to trust the cheese rep.

In which the Master of Rituals gets to count down to zero and say

The one occasion where P'Séaigg says

Don't worry, I won't do their dialogue in Gaelic like I threatened to. Sinn Fae speak English. Otherwise, things would just get too multilingual

P'Séaigg likes ordering people around... *these* characters aren't so easily controlled though.

Ding! Flof! Bips! For Norla, trouble comes with flame-red hair and a scientific bent. Jodoque can't see the shape of his trouble, but it speaks in runes.

Norla does not take kindly to being held in the nets. However, her skillz fail her.

Enter the Douards. It's not a very nice entry.

Norla starts plotting her revenge before anything really bad has even happened to her. Also, if it was Kel she was holding captive, they'd be fighting in their underwear right now. Instead we get a Mad Scientist routine...

Jodoque's troubles have got a lot uglier. It's never good when your captors have tusks and keep slaves. Introducing... the Douards, who have got Jodoque hanging from the wall in chains. Whips may soon be involved as well.

Jodoque's fearless honesty here may be the result of a bad concussion. It's certainly not a survival trait.

Norla and Krakatoa are about to move themselves into what is known in the professional literature as an impasse.

Norla eventually resorts to tooting her own horn. It goes

Extra: go to Fight Cast or Evade, today for a guest story I drew for that comic: People of the Sewer: a harrowing tale of daring escapes, haiku poetry and poop. All sixteen episodes are running on the same day, making this the mother of all guest comics. 2011 update: Website is long gone, comic is now here.

Norla may have got herself into deeper trouble than she was in before she used the Waylay dust...

(*) Literally "Knáttrstúar" - a room full of balls. Crystal balls, naturally.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Or waltz, or minuet, or whatever the hell *that* is.

Kra, Norla and the raven enjoy a few jokes at one another's expense. This allows Norla to get a word in edgewise.

I don't use bad language much, but this word is sooooo useful.

Maghreid is actually using a Gnomian word. Considering that faeries are not much interested in breeding cattle, you might expect the word in question to translate literally as something like "Heron droppings" or "yesterday's gold", but as it happens, the Gnomian word is a literal rendition of the English word "bullshit". Some words are just too useful.

Ask not for whom Hell's Bells toll; they may toll for thee!

It turns out that babies don't like being startled, not even in a good cause.

The female Dhouard enters Jodoque's cell for some sensitive, touchy feely chatter, and gets a little bit cozy.

If you can read this, you're very lucky. I've struggled hard to post this....

The female Douard has an unexpected opinion as to what manner of beast might be baying outside. It's hairy and stinky and has fangs, or so it is claimed.