The deeper I go, the darker it gets.

Norla has explained the situation to the Rogues, and Ottar has some strategic ideas of his own.

Discussion of Wythllew, Sinn Fae strategy and the appropriate time to paint tribal patterns on your body.

Walking through the undergrowth, to the house in the woods. The deeper I go, the darker it gets. I peer through the window, open the door...

The big green guy puts Jodoque at ease concerning his knightly status. Or at least, he tries to.

The Green Knight talks about his love for the land. And soup. Soup is important.

My manners are cutting off heads!

The Green Knight isn't keen on being humphed at. Bit of a prima donna, this Green Knight.

Jodoque indulges in revery, even though it's not the time for it. Then he takes a leaf out of Kel's book.

We're back with new material! Jodoque and the Green Knight argue about who should be the first to get his head cut off.

Jodoque's final interior monologue is crudely interrup-

This comic is very... red. Red and gruesome.

While Jodoque is having his head chopped off, Norla and Ottar have an urgent problem to contend with.

Norla acts as a chicken psychologist, and explains about conversing with birds.

The severed head is alone with its thoughts for a while... but in the sea of blood, something stirs! Colored by Jeroen.

Bring me the head of... oh, never mind, I'll pick it up myself. Colored by Jeroen.

Like yesterday's comic, today's comic was colored by Jeroen Jager of Kittypuss. He's not getting paid for his work, so do check out his weird and wonderful and trippy comic to return the tremendous favors he has done me.

After the mudball training, the inmates cool down at the stream and discuss Kel's refereeing skills and the matter of her mud avoidance.

*) The Great Whopper of Carbunk hasn't been kept in Carbunk for hundreds of years. Back in the days of the various elven species and clans fighting one another, the Whopper, a huge diamond in a shape that the inhabitants of Carbunk found amusingly suggestive, was stolen from the High Elven town of Carbunk by the Gnomes of the Plains. They lost it to the Gnomes of the Bog, who lost it to the High Elves of Wodeskog. From the High Elves of Wodeskog it was stolen by the faeries of Wodeskog, who didn't see anything amusing about the shape but knew an opportunity to annoy the High Elves when they saw one. From Wodeskog it was taken by a pack of wild Lutins after a raid. The Lutins traded it to C.M.I.I. Daoibleagh for a jar of his Special Spicy Spices, but before they could ask for it back, the Gnomes of the Bog managed to steal it back from mr. Daoibleagh. They then lost it to the Elves of the Earth. The Elves of the Earth had it stolen from them by a mixed-species party of urban drunks in the very early days of the Gnomian Republic, who succesfully fended off an attempt by a passing raven to carry it off but had the misfortune to cross the path of the Republic's most notorious thieves.
The Great Whopper is the subject of many many jokes which the faeries don't understand and the High Elves quite sensibly refuse to allow to be written down anywhere.

Filling you up with footnote lovin'

*)Whoppernapping is in fact considered more of a sport than a proper theft. Similar to students stealing landmarks as a prank, although in this case the pranksters are often quite elderly and sober.
**)At their trial for Theft of a Musical Instrument from a Musician, Bonfire and Clydesdale escaped the customary sentence of being slowly roasted to death ***) by plea-bargaining; they accepted ten years in jail for a number of trivial thefts in exchange for the charge of Musical Instrument theft being dropped. This also meant that they didn't have to give up the fife itself, although their home at the time was searched several times in case it accidentally turned up there. They did not have it on their persons during their trial, and it also wasn't found when they were brought back to the Dyrtforrabyggern to start doing their time, so the fact that they have it now must have something to do with being in the company of a faerie who enjoys smuggling.

The song, incidentally, starts like this:

Hey Mr. Bonfire, I'm gonna kick your head.
I'll pound you in the noggin 'till you wish that you were dead.
I'll skin your hide and tan it for a medical display
Except those big old ears of you, for these I'll throw away.

Hey, lady Clydesdale, you fat and stupid cow.
I'll put you in a grinder, and feed you to the sows...

and goes on for another thirty verses, each more imaginative and gruesome than the last. It was a minor hit for the bard.

***) When the Constitution of the Gnomian Republic was drafted, the Founders insisted that a provision be made against cruel and unusual punishments, but were persuaded to add in "except in the case of cruel and unusual crime". As a result, while most of the Republic's criminal justice system is very mild, the penalty for flooding the Crystal Ball Network with unwanted advertising is being pushed head first into a wasps' nest.

Things have gotten oddly disorientating and dizzying for the Green Knight. Colored by Jeroen.
Colored, again, by Jeroen Jager.

In which Eniac the Elven servant turns out to hold a grudge, melons are mentioned and a nut is cracked. Colored by Jeroen.
Colored by Jeroen Jager.

In which Eniac expresses a wish to mete out retributive justice, and Jodoque starts feeling the after-effects of his decapitation.

Jodoque's fade from consciousness alarms the political wings of the Faerie Liberation movement.

In which Abui expresses impatience with Maghreid's attitude and doubt about her patriotism.

This marks the beginning of the Harry Potter Explanation Sequence. But we'll keep it brief. And possibly incomplete, and perhaps inaccurate.

The Harry Potter Explanation Sequence ends, and a new problem presents itself. And I don't mean the little green guys.

In which Eniac cites the law at Jodoque, Jodoque begs for strength, and something goes

In which it turns out that Eniac has some less than pleasant aspects to her personality.