The Wythllew effect

It's still done with mirrors if the mirrors are magical (II).

There's swearing in the punchline. Because you can't dominate webcomics without swearing in the punchline.

The two-hundredth installment, featuring politics, intrigue, wings and bottoms! Yep, i've got it all.

“The sack has made some interesting noises.” Plus: announcing a brief break.

Author's note: The character with the blue wings is Feiht from Chasing the Sunset.

Tuulen Ukko tuulen Akka kaikki ristikansa                 <br />
Miestä mustoa rukoiten suuren tuulen nostajaksi.

I'm still somewhat dubious about the use of the word

Arthur provides insight once again. Is he the only one with enough brains to bang two rocks together? Listen, learn, read on...

Maghreid's office is under attack!

Author's note: Feiht makes another appearance in this, the previous and the next episodes.

Graphic glomp.

Abúi's catch explains her motivation.

Thanks to Mithandir for help with Feiht's dialogue (not to mention, again, the loan of his character).

In Which Wythllew Speaks, Condescendingly And Ottar Blasphemes Most Distastefully.

Wythllew defends herself. Oh yes.

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Trees will be offended when they see this. And Dogmatix. Dogmatix will hate me.

This episode has six panels, sound effects and dialog.

Plot unwinds. Plot plot plot plot plot plot. If you were there last week, you'll sort of know what happens here.

Maghreid once again shows her eagle eye and devious character.

Backgrounds by Yonaka Yamako. Yonaka was the only one to take the background art challenge but I'm sure that if she had a hundred competitors she'd have put them all to shame.

Norla berates the Fae bodyguards for their crass materialism.