Offers and motives

In which Eniac expresses puzzlement and more, and Jodoque gets some sleep.

Maghreid has a chinwag with noggin-man. And smokes.

Maghreid turns up the heat, and the smoke effects.

We hadn't seen <i>them</i> in a while, had we?

Atra would show Norla naked baby pictures of Ottar, if she had any and Ottar wasn't always naked anyway.

Remember the green guy from the Office of Rites? A recap of the events at the Office from his point of view...

In which the green guy gets told off by his boss, and Isolde probes.

In which Norla and Ottar take flight, and Jake does not make a revelation.

Dig those backgrounds! Really, dig them!<br />

The backgrounds for this page are by Yonaka, and I'm sure you'll all agree that she's done a bang-up job with the wood carving style in panels 3 and 4! Thank you again, Yonaka!
I have put together a blog entry showing the process of creating this page, from the line art I sent to Yonaka to the remastered version which was uploaded on January 23, 2012.

P'Séaigg has an offer Maghreid can't refuse. There's also a footnote, but it's only a little one.

Maghreid picks exactly the wrong moment to make an angry ideological flip-flop.

In which Arthur reveals what drives him, and the crowd goes ZRBT!

Color by DFG! Thanks!

Meanwhile, Isolde Shieldbiter is still getting to the bottom of it all.

Suddenly, things are not going well, even though they're going great!

It seems like the mood is frayed. But at last we get some explanation of those uniforms.

*) Red Onion: An award given for extraordinary accomplishment in the Elven Underground during the Contention Wars. Because the Underground had a habit of dressing up as French onion-sellers, the Onion was a decoration that people could wear inconspicuously, or at least as inconspicuously as any French onion-seller could be in a society where both trade in agricultural produce and the wearing of any clothing at all were rare.

Abúi tests stuff, and there's more turmoil. Color by DFG.

Color by DFG!

It does look a lot like a Masonic handshake, followed by a Masonic dance of joy and a Masonic bearhug...

Original color by DFG; some items redrawn by me in 2012!

How everyone spends the night, part 1.

Run, cheese, run!

Ottar gets a warm welcome, but soon enough the green word balloons come out.

Ottar uses his charms to defuse a potentially explosive situation, but another one rears its head almost immediately.

Isolde sums up the accomplishments of the past few days.