Trial, day 1

The trial begins! And what fun and games it'll be!

Meet the judges.

He don't seem so bad, that Lord Chief Justice Dodr...

I think I smell a rat! Da da dum dum dum!<br />
I think I smell a raaaaaaaat! Da da dum dum dum!


Opening statement for the prosecution.

*) As underground dwellers, Gnomes use the word "prop" where we would say "cornerstone". Without any pejorative connotations. Props are important.

Note also that India and China aren't that often heard about in the Gnomian Republic, so the concept we know as the Indian or Chinese Burn wouldn't be refered to by that name.

The prosectution presently proposes a paronoid yet somehow compelling fabrication.

The prosecution continues with an outline of the case against Kangra.

The trial begins in earnest. The legal phrase

Hywell Bastardsson is sworn in.

What will undoubtedly be the first in a long series of embarrassments for the defendants

What looks like the dock in the judge's table is in fact the witness box. It's a more compact setup than what's used in modern courtrooms.

Cross-examination of prosecution witnesses continues. Drippy word balloons appear.

The Keeper of the Shrine's records incites religious controversy through his testimoney. As he would.

Two more technical witnesses go

Isolde objects, the court adjourns<br />
but to her horror, Isolde learns<br />
she's set herself up for disaster,<br />
for of trickery, Faf is the master.

Plenty of tasty doom in this episode, plus a word on the discovery of China.

*) China hadn't been discovered yet. **)
**) Except by the Chinese, but they weren't telling where they put it.

Before the days of the in-ear prompter, incompetent officials needed to have their puppetmasters around in person.

Ottar is sworn in, and the next part of the show begins.

Yeppers, we managed to get Fafnir to use a classic line from courtroom drama. But Isolde's not bad herself!

Fafnir explodes one bomb and plants another. Read carefully.

Fafnir is only now hitting his stride.

Ottar had heard of the idea of courting rejection, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

Ottar discusses sewing and baking. Dódr discusses the good old days.

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Remastered on March 17, 2012

Lord Chief Justice Dódr is not amused. Hairsplitter Fuddeigh reminisces about his predecessor, Hairsplitter Fogeidh.

Hey, Green Knight! Did you eat your mother with that mouth?

The Green Knight's testimony continues. There is cross-hatching.

It could be the beer, but the Grimborgsman is suddenly interested in what Brakeburn is selling.

Wythllew is brought to the fore...

Wythllew is making it easy for Isolde. Too easy, I'm sure.

Doesn't look like Wythllew is in a concilliatory mood....

Fafnir takes a gamble.

Indeed, I'd go as far as to say that she's a doofus.

Getting away from the court for a while. Look, Real Drawing!

Isolde spends the night ruminating on the case. Kel spends it in bed with Jodoque.

I fear for my life after this one.

The Grimborgsman's face paint seems to be fading...