Trial, day 2

Jodoque reads from Kel's script.

Jodoque has got over his recent ordeal pretty well. Not so sure about Kel though.

Introducing Mr. Rįsdondr. O-nay omment-kay on the umps-stay, bucko.

Maghreid draws her compatriots' attention to an unusual gathering.

Maghreid expresses boundless optimism; Kel tells of a dream she had.

*)Maghreid hasn't seen the Master of Rituals before, but she has her sources.

I made it on time! Yay! More Fafnir/Isolde action.

This page really needs a drum roll.

At this trial, at least, one can answer

Going through the tropes of courtroom fiction, one at a time...

There is some good news, but Fafnir presents literary evidence.

See Wythllew look towards the future, in her past!

Like Jello in a mold, the plot thickens.

I'll admit it. I was going

This episode takes part in pictorial-emotional space, defying the hegemony of narrative and dialogue. In other words, bugger-all happens but it looks pretty.

Giant-size double episode! Kel testifies.

Fafnir is angrily incredulous

Kangra uses the defense I always use. Plus: style parody flashback, footnote extravaganza.

*)The Great Gourm: Leader of the Marsh Lutins, Wingless faeries who used to wage annual war on anyone who happened to be in the neighbourhood bearing shiny things. Now a semi-autonomous tribe within the Gnomian Republic. Unlike the Lutins of Wodeskog, the Marsh Lutins have a hive-like social structure. The male offspring of a Great Gourm are fed hormones that enhance their mental ability, guaranteeing that the Great Gourm is always considerably more intelligent than his subjects.***)

**) Red Onions: Military awards for the accomplishment of a dangerous mission. Other medals issued during the Contention Wars include the Purple Clove, the Nibbled Brie and the Grand Baguette.

***) That, at least, is the opinion of mainstream biologists. Mavericks have suggested that it is the subjects who eat food tainted by hormones which reduce their intelligence.

Kangra's unpleasant encounter continues in flashback.

Goblin yer dinner is bad for yer elf. And those garments don't look too appealing either.

These scenes from the Contention Wars didn't make it into the Gnomian history books.

Look at them eyes roll! Look at them roll!

Rįsdondr's testimony begins.

The defense questions prof. Rįsdondr on lions and tigers, but ignores the great big elephant in the living room.

Rįsdondr explains the theoretical underpinnings of his work. Yellow bile is involved.

A touching bit, kinda, sorta.

Leave it up to Fafnir to finally mention the elephant in the room. Plus, more humours theory.

Fafnir seems to know why Prof. Rįsdondr is so good at seeing the bright side in every setback...

A homeric moment closes off the testimonies stage of the trial (at last!)

For faeries, drinking under the table means just that. Remember, their natural size is about knee high to a man.

The evidence before the court is incontrovertible, there's no need for the jury to... well there's no jury in the Gnomian system anyway.

Kangra gets sentenced, and something else happens to someone else.