New chapter! We get to see the Grimborg, at last.

Oh it's gonna be the way you always thought it would be<br />
It's gonna be no illusion<br />
Oh it's gonna be the way you always dreamt about it<br />
But it's gonna be really happening to ya.<br />

So this, then, is the Grimborg...

The Grimborgsman carries out his duties. Kel sort of, you know, whatever.

Never drink anything radioactive green, whether in a pub or in the Grimborg!

Kel vaguely hears disembodied voices speak.

Amid the black nothingness, something goes

It's in the mud! It's coming!

Cross-reference: Kel's other, tentacled, alternate shape was first alluded to at the end of Dolphins and Dragons.

Kel pushes the experimentation up a notch.

"Ka-Change" borrowed from The Wotch.

What you letting in?<br />
Tell me what you're letting in<br />
Say what we're gonna let in

A brief moment of misery

Little did Kel know that she'd be judged again!

Ululation is always funny.

Kel and Ottar get a warm welcome, and Norla has a question for Ottar. And... PAAAR-TEH!

Norla takes a roundabout way to the point she was trying to get to.

Look, it's an aerial shot! I've even put in a little harbour! Look! Look!

*) Handelsfluer: Trade flyer. Although the Faeries' traditional aversion to work has been eroded through contact with the industrious Gnomes and Humans, expressions relating to it continue to be used.

In which characters take events and statements in their strides.