Naked Faerie Fighting

Atra returns to the scene, armed and dangerous.

Atra tries to brief Kel on the situation, but Kel fails to observe important facts.

Yes, she's more concerned about her ears. Why would that be?

The entire neighbouring village is put under Wythllew's spell. But what's that in the shrubs?

Scarabus takes advantage, because that's the sort of person he is.

Kel keeps up the momentum.

A glimpse into Scarabus' mind. It's not pretty.
This is about as Cerebus-esque as the story ever gets.

A moment of peace.

The tranquility is short-lived. No sound effects!

Wythllew returns to the scene with overwhelming force and righteous wrath...

A short fight ensues.

Dash of balder!

Liberate the people, and give us all their valuables!

Wythllew acquiesces.

Jodoque and the others wake up.

The inevitable epilogue.